Ohio has some of the country’s best and productive farms, and Cincinnati region is no exception! We’ve compiled a list of fresh and seasonal food you can buy during the summer, and where to buy them, to support local farmers.

Fruits: Apples (July-October), Blackberries and blueberries (July and August), Cantaloupes (August and September), Cherries (June and July), Grapes (August and September), Peaches (July and August), Strawberries (June and July), Watermelon (August and September)

Vegetables: Broccoli (June-October), Cabbage (June-November), Corn (June-August), Cucumber (July-October), Green beans (July-September), Peas (June-August), Spinach (May-October), Zucchini (July-October), Tomatoes (July-October), Radishes (May-October).

The best places to buy local food is at farmer’s markets. Not only are all fruits and vegetables in one place for you, you can get to know the farmers and workers that harvested them. Making the connection between the food on your plate and where it came from changes how you see the food industry. Meeting people in the community who also care about shopping local can connect you to even more resources.

Cincinnati’s Farmer’s Markets: Hyde Park Farmer’s Market, Findlay Market, Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market, College Hill Farm Market, Northside Farmer’s Market, Newtown Farm Market.