Title: Tickets and Prizes

We love sharing awesome Food and Wine Events with the Cincinnati community. Whether you live in Cincinnati or are just passing through, we’d be happy to share our food and wine culture with you!

When you purchase a ticket to an event it includes: admission, 3 wine samples, and 5 food samples. You will also automatically be entered once (1) into the raffle draw for prizes. To purchase more wine and food samples or raffle tickets, there will be booths set up throughout the event.

Tickets can be purchased in advance through our website, just shoot us an email on the Contact Us page. Group discounts are available for 10+ people, and only when purchased in advance.

Tickets can also be purchased at the event entrance.

Tickets purchased in advance:

Adults $19.99

Kids (12 and under) $6.99

Seniors (65+) $12.99

Cincinnati State Students $9.99

Veterans $12.99

Tickets purchased at the door:

Adults: $24.99

Kids (12 and under) $11.99

Senior (65+) $17.99

Cincinnati State Students $14.99

Veterans $17.99

Seasonal Tickets are available four times a year and provide admission to all Food + Wine Events for each season. Prices range depending on the events planned. Email us through our Contact Us page for prices and availability.


At each event, Cincinnati F&W Trends likes to support an organization that really helps our community. There will be donation bins set up throughout the event as well as a portion of our proceeds going towards that particular charity.

Supporting Local Businesses

We also love to support local businesses in Cincinnati. If you’re like to be a vendor at one of our events, or sponsor an event in return for advertising, please email us through our Contact Us page.

Businesses who advertise for Food + Wine Events (posters or flyers in their establishment) are eligible for advertising at the event. This can vary from ad-spots in the promotional brochure to a shout-out during the raffle draw.  Again, visit the Contact Us page to let us know you’re interested.